PULUZ LED Light Studio Softbox Photography Kit with Background & Reflective & Tripod Mount & Sandbags(EU Plug)

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1. 2m Light Stands: Light stand is 54cm to 2m adjustable height tripod. Made of premium aluminum alignment with 1/4 screw mounting on top to satisfy different photographers.(Softbox photo lighting angle can be 270 degree adjustable lamp holder, can adapt different shooting needs, give you the suitable light from multiple angles, setting-easy with a few minutes, ideal portrait, studio, photography, video and so on).
2. Single Head Light Holders: Made of high plastic and aluminum, they support heavy weight and hold up against tough working conditions. Insert fluorescent spiral bulb and umbrella and adjust your mount so it is at an optimum angle for getting great photographic results. Lamp base: E27
3. 45W Daylight Bulbs: With 5700K color temperature, the bulbs produce well balanced pure white daylight light and continuous uniform light, providing a good photographic environment.
4. White Reflector Umbrellas: Made of high quality nylon construction. Reflect and spread light evenly.
5. 50x70cm Softboxes: Adjustable lamp holders for different shooting angles. A white cover closes the front of the softbox, making varied lighting options quick and easy. Extra long cords for more unrestricted positioning to achieve the best lighting effects. Color:Black/Silver
6. Polyester Backdrops: Black, White, and Green + Backdrop Clamps Rod pockets on each top edge allow them to be draped or hung. Finished along all edges to prevent tears. Single piece seamless design.
7. Background Support System: Made from aluminum alloy with a professional black satin finish. Crossbar consists of four sections, making it simple to adjust the width. It is comprised of two tripod stands and four crossbar sections and includes a heavy duty carry bag.
8. Carry Bag for Background Support System: Carry Bag for Continuous Lighting Kit Carry bags are included for both the Background Support System and the Continuous Lighting Kit for travelling.
9. 80cm Reflector Board: This product is one reflector disc that comes with five different reflective surfaces and a reversible cover. 5 colors interface freely choose: Silver, translucent, gold, white and black

Package List
1. Softlight box x 2
2. Single light head holder x 2
3. 45W light bulb x 4
4. Reflector board x 1
5. Background cloth x 3
6. Secruring Clip x 4
7. Backdrop Clip x 6
8. Crossbar set x 1
9. Light stand x 4
10. Backdrop stands x 2
11. Softlight Carrying bag x 2
12. Carrying bag x 1